The Best Tips and Hacks for Weight Loss on a Budget

By Kirsi Gentille

The Best Tips and Hacks for Weight Loss on a budget.



We know that a nice body comes with a nice price tag. You can cut it off, suck it out, implant it, and even inject what yo mama did not give you to enhance your body. 
These days you can buy “A la carte” any part of your body you want. But choose wisely because a quick fix can run you a couple of thousands.
 So if you are looking to get that Beach Body you always dream about, but you have a tight budget and a so so credit score. A nip and tuck might not be your best option. 
However, all is not lost in Barbie world. There are some cost-effective ways to build your perfect body, the natural way. 
Now this doesn’t mean it’s FREE but it will be more affordable than a plastic surgeon. 
Here is the truth, The wellness industry is a $4.2 trillion dollar money making machine. Because weight loss is not just about eating salads and doing cute aerobics. 
Dieting has become a trend that includes eating a healthy diet, protein shakes, gym, workout clothes, bands, creams, body wraps, weights, supplements, and waist trainers just to name a few. These things can make you skinny and your wallet too.
Although our health should be a non-negotiable like that Louis Vuitton bag 😉 It should be one of the most important investments we ever make, but not everyone has the budget for it. 
When I started my weight loss journey I was on a tight budget. I was  a newlywed with a brand new baby, and a teenager. Plus we were trying to pay off some debt that came along with the “I DO”.
So to think about spending money on “Another” weight loss product was completely out of our budget. It took a lot of convincing my new hubby that it was going to be different this time, that I was fully committed.
“Happy Wife, Happy Life” was my final pitch to him and he said SURE! I was also trying to convince myself because my track record was a reminder that my chances of sticking this one out were slim to none. 
You see like many, many people who are in a weight loss journey. Staying consistent and motivated is one of the biggest struggles we face with any weight loss program. I would get really excited, “Yeah I’m going to do this, I can’t wait to get started”. I call it the waiting for your “DELIVERY” excitement. Because once the package arrived, I would unbox it and put it in my cabinets annnnd that’s it!!!!
Why do we procrastinate to do the things that will help us? The things that will get us closer to where we want to be even when is staring us right in the face. 
I believe that procrastination doesn’t go away over night, it’s something we have to consistently work on. One baby step at a time, every single day. 
So this time my life partner was holding me accountable. I could not afford to lose any money and lose the little bit of self-esteem I had left.
At this point I had no choice, I had decided to invest my money on getting healthier instead of investing it on a new wardrobe. Besides shopping for clothes was no longer fun when every time you shop is like the clothes are shrinking. You go from a small, medium, large than extra large. Your in disbelief like how did I get here? I’ll tell you how, one bad bite after the other that’s how! SMH …
Once I got my butt together and became serious about my results, It was like a light went on and would not turn off. I was obsessed and committed. So after losing 40lbs (thank you Jesus) I had to think about now what?
How am I going to afford my new Fit-Life and keep my new body that I had worked so hard for. Luckily that I had a super awesome discount on the products I was using Herbalife Nutrition. It made it really affordable for me to stick with the program. However, there are other costs that come with getting that small waist honey. Like Fruits, Vegetables, Lean Meat, Chicken and Salmon. Don’t forget you also need fat free salad dressing, low in sodium sauce, brown rice, quinoa etc. You get my drift.
Don’t forget about that gym membership which okay I will admit, I was paying that sucker anyway before I started on my weight loss journey. This time the only difference was that I was finally going to the gym on a regular basis. Still I had to find ways to afford and maintain this new body. 
So I am going to share with you some of the tips and hacks that helped me lose weight and not my money ;p  


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The Best Tips and Hacks for Weight Loss on a budget.

If you have not come across this movement on instagram, well allow me to introduce you to the real magic sticks. Thousands of people are claiming that drinking 16 oz of organic celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning has been a game changer in their health.  
People are healing from all kinds of acute and chronic illnesses, including Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, SIBO, constipation, chronic fatigue syndrome, blood sugar issues, migraines, acid reflux, high blood pressure, addictions, adrenal issues, gout, allergies, autoimmune conditions, and countless others, from drinking plain celery juice daily.
The Most Powerful Medicine of Our Time Healing Millions Worldwide, Anthony William, also known as the Medical Medium on instagram he is the originator of the global celery juice movement. He introduces you to celery juice’s incredible ability to create sweeping improvements on every level of our health.
So how does this help with weight loss? Celery is a plant that has powerful anti-inflammatory effects as shown by this study. One of the most important benefits of celery is in healing our gut, it improves digestion, and constipation.

Celery Juice Recipe

Ingredients: 1 large bunch organic celery.
Directions: Rise the celery and run it through a juicer. You want to aim for at least 16 ounces of fresh celery juice.
Drink immediately for best results.
Alternatively, you can chop the celery and blend it in a high-speed blender until smooth. Strain and drink immediately.
I am planning on doing a 30-day Celery Juice Challenge. Wanna join me?. Start by learning all you can from this magical plant from the creator himself  Medical Medium Celery Juice. Are you in? Get on the list.


This one is an oldie but a goodie. For many years we have heard of Apple Cider Vinegar as a fat-burner and many people have experienced amazing weight loss results. Studies have shown that Apple Cider Vinegar improves metabolism, Reduces fat storage, Burns fat and suppresses appetite. These are just some of the weight loss benefits.
The recommended amount of Apple Cider Vinegar you should consume for weight loss is 1–2 tablespoons (15-30 ml) per day, mixed with water. You can spread this out into 2-3 doses throughout the day. Best to drink it before meals. 
Here are some easy ways I like to add Apple Cider Vinegar to my diet. 
Use it as a salad dressing, combine Apple cider vinegar with olive oil and enjoy it with your favorite leafy greens. I also like to have it the classic way by drinking it.
The classic Apple cider Vinegar recipe:
2 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 cups boiling water
Optional to taste: Liquid stevia or 1 tablespoon raw organic honey or unrefined maple syrup
Stir ingredients together and sip this drink steaming in the morning or before bed.

SAY WHAT! So if this is too extreme for ya! Just try cutting back on your daily carb intake. HEY! Something is absolutely better than nothing.  When you do this eventually your hunger levels will go down which will allow you to consume less calories. Which is key to weight loss. This is similar to the Keto Diet.

So here is why this method works, The fewer carbs you consume it forces your body to burn stored fat for energy instead of burning off carbs as an energy source. Makes sense? 
Studies have also shown that cutting carbs lowers insulin levels, causing your kidneys to shed excess sodium and water out of your body. This reduces bloating and unnecessary water weight.
The key is eat more Protein, Fats, and low carb Vegetables. Each meal should contain one of these food groups. The recommended carb intake is about 20-50grams per day. 
Here is a helpful list of low carb vegetables, healthy fats:
Low Carb Vegetable
Brussels sprouts
Swiss chard
One of my favorite places to shop is Thrive Market is a online direct seller of healthy foods and natural products that are Organic, Non GMO, and Plant Based. Get 25% off your first purchase Shop Here. 
So in the beginning of my weight loss journey, I thought cardio, cardio was the only way to burn more calories for weight loss. 
Until I learned that muscle burns more calories than fat. By lifting weights, your body will burn more calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down.
 A slow metabolism can make it difficult to lose weight. This is also known as a plateau. Some ways to jump start your metabolism is by rotating your routine and review your calorie intake to meet your needs. You can read more about this in this article by my fitness pal. 
Toning your muscle will also help shape your body, so that you don’t just go from fat to flab. You will feel strong, healthy and confident. So I’ll meet you at the bar. The weight bar that is .. hahaha! 
Most people drink coffee, soda, and even tea to stay energized. But not all sources of caffeine as you know are good for ya!  
According to studies caffeine increases your resting metabolic rate. In plain English this means the number of calories your body burns at rest.  The higher you increase your metabolism the more calories you burn. 
But before you go on another caffeine fix, you have to understand that sugar, cream and everything in between gotta go! We are not trying to add more unnecessary calories to our diet. 
You want to use this treat in your favor not flavor you have to have it SOLO this means have your coffee black to get all it’s benefits and less calories.
 I know, I am one of those caramel latte lovers that can’t do plain black coffee the thought of it makes my stomach hurt. So instead I have switched to High Protein Iced Coffee in Mocha flavor. Finally a coffee that I can drink as a yummy snack with only 100 calories which satisfy my ice coffee cravings, give me energy, and support my protein intake to keep me full.  
So if you can’t hand plain black coffee. There are other choices like tea.
This is why I also drink my Herbalife Tea Concentrate which also has caffeine and it jump starts your metabolism. You can for sure feel the difference. 
Whichever way you go try to limit your caffeine intake to 3 cups a day moderation with everything is key.

The last Tips and Hack you need to know about Weight Loss on a budget.

Keep it simple, you don’t need expensive gadgets, cute gym clothes( well maybe 1-2 cute outfits for motivation ;p) or go all organic to lose weight on a budget. Unfortunately, it is cheaper to buy a cheeseburger than it is to buy vegetable these days. It feels like we are being trapped to eat things that will hurt us vs help us. But don’t give up.
I know buying vegetables and fruits can also come with a cost. So try finding local vendors like a farmers market. You usually can get better deals buying from a local farmer than buying from your supermarket. 
Supplements and meal replacement shakes can be great to help nourish and give your body the essential vitamins and minerals it needs while you consume fewer calories or avoid certain food groups. They also help busy people live a healthier lifestyle. 
So if you are spending money on fast-food or eating out all the time. If this sounds like you, then I promise you that you have money in your budget to invest in your health and wellness.
You can choose a program like the one I offer which as a member you get a discount on supplements and nutritional products. It’s similar to a Costco membership but better because your discount keeps increasing as you accumulate points you can save up to 42% which is truly amazing. 
You can shop online and have it delivered to your home or even at work. Where ever you are seriously, we are in 94 countries.
To summarize what I shared with you: 
  • Plastic surgery can give you the dream body you wish for but at a very high cost.
  • There are other natural and more affordable sources that can help you reach your fitness goals. 
  • The fit lifestyle comes with a high price but your health is the biggest and most important investment you will ever make. 
  • There are many ways you can lose weight and not your money. 
Celery Juice, Apple Cider Vinegar, No Sugar No Carbs, Weight Training, and Coffee are affordable ways to help you reach your goals and get the Beach Body you of your dreams on a budget. 
Remember keep it lean, green and colorful. Eat responsibly and keep it simple. 
Share your own tips and hacks for weight loss on a budget and get featured in this post. 


Kirsi G.

“You don’t need to be alone in your health & wellness journey.”

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