Are you a Spender or Saver?

By Kirsi Gentille

Are you a spender or saver (1)

Can you be both?

I am here to tell you..YES you can. I know, because I am BOTH…I love to save and spend. And when I combine the two at the same damn time… I feel like Superwoman I get such adrenaline rush. So before I make a purchase, I try to find ways to save like most people I price match online and look for coupons. I’m always thinking to myself how can I save on the things I want, need, and must buy.  

So I am a big believer in “Finding your Balance” in all areas of our lives. I preach about this when I am giving weight loss & nutrition tips to my clients. I encourage them to balance their meal plan, and to create healthy and delicious meals without feeling restricted. Like having a burger without the bun and substitute french fries for a side salad. But I believe we should apply “Balance” in all areas of our lives including our finances, spending, and saving just to name a few.

One thing I have been really focusing on the last couple of months has been budgeting and money management. It sounds boring, but let me tell you when you create a system where you have a plan to help you, pay off your debt, save long term & short term. Things start to get pretty exciting. The most frustrating thing is not knowing where your money went, what you spent it on and not having enough money for the week. I have learned that It’s our responsibility to give every single dollar we earn a role, a job, and a place.

By following this new system, I already started to save for this year’s Mothers Day, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Once my bills are paid and I have set money aside for my savings categories like the one I mentioned above. Then, I set aside: 



These are the categories I budget for:

Groceries ~ I got really serious last year about saving money on my groceries. I have a binder which includes worksheets I created for Freezer & Fridge Inventory, Pantry Inventory checklist, Monthly Meal Planner, Weekly Meal Menu, Family Favorite Recipes. I realized that by knowing what I have in stock, it helps me see things more clear. You know what you need, What’s close to expiring( I had food that had expired in 2017! YIKES). 

You will keep track of what you are running low on and what you don’t need to buy. This helps you save soo much money, I can’t tell you how many duplicates I had of items I barely even use. 

Lastly, I follow my monthly meal plan system which is mainly based on what I have in stock, and I buy meat once a month at Costco. So I create recipes around these 2 factors. This new routine has really helped me save money, save time, and save on food.

Herbalife Products ~ Yes, I budget for my Herbalife products too. If you are in any weight management program you know, you need to purchase your monthly supply of supplements and products. Even if you are just juicing, you need to have on hands your fruits, vegetable and other enhancers. Being that I use Herbalife’s meal replacement shakes every day as my morning breakfast, and I drink the Herbalife Tea Concentrate which gives me tons of energy, boosts my metabolism, and helps me burn calories. I save over $15 a day, My Herbalife products cost me less than $5 a day! YESSS honey. It helps that I am a distributor I get these products at a super discount. But even before I was a distributor when I was a regular member just using the products to lose weight the products cost me under $6 a day which made them super affordable. That’s why now that I always recommend to my clients if they want to save money becoming a Preferred Member will maximize your savings. Herbalife is the company I use and refer to my clients. To learn more about Herbalife checkout my article “The Beginners Guide to starting Herbalife Nutrition.”

Fun & Restaurants ~ Having some money set aside for fun & restaurants gives you something to look forward to. At first, I struggled with creating limits and found it hard not to dip into my other funds. But once I learned that everything I am doing is for a BIGGER purpose, it made me more disciplined. You have to keep your WHY always in mind to help you stay focused. As you reach your goals, your WHY will change , maybe you want to pay off debt, save for a home, a car or even vacation. You will have to sacrifice and cut back, perhaps not eat out as much or cut back on hanging out and going places you know you will be tempted to spend. At first, it will be hard, but remember that everything is temporary and as you reach your goals you will be able to restructure your budget and lifestyle giving you  FREEDOM and less restrictions.

Beauty, Hair, and Nails ~This right here is everything for us DIVAS that need to go to the hair & nail salon every week or every other week. I set aside the exact amount that I will spend including tips. YUP, I love it! This category is one of my favorites to budget for because it allows me to beautify myself and have funds for all my beauty maintenance.

Misc Spending ~ This category is for anything misc that comes up, you know life is so unpredictable. Every week something we did not expect will sneak up on us and BOOM ruing our budgeting…But when you have a misc budget, it really does help save the day. Trust me you will have No Problem Attitude.

Gas ~ This is one of those things you need to have money for because without gas in our cars we will not get very far. This is just making sure your gas tank is full and always funded. One less thing to think about.

So these are my main spending categories I know this may seem intense, But this system has given me the freedom to spend without feeling guilty. Because I know that whatever I spend, I have already planned for it and set that money aside specifically for it. So it feels amazing to see my savings fund grow, my bills paid off, and all while I am still living life within my budget. And I love it!

If you would like for me to show you my money management system. Leave me a YES below. Stay tuned I will have an article sharing with you my financial binder, worksheets, tips, and how I give every dollar a place to serve.

I would love to know, How do you budget and Save?

I hope you enjoyed and found value in the information I provided above. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

I am always, here to help.


Kirsi Gentile

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