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My one-on-one coaching approach is intimate and personalized. I teach you how to make healthier lifestyle choices based on your goals.

Wellness Course

Do you need help meal prepping? In this course you will get video instructions, and a step by step guide to meal prepping and much more.

Healthy Home

Identify potentially hazardous products in your home common chemicals in household cleaners. Learn to convert your home to non-toxic safer products.

Wellness Advocate

In this training I teach you how to promote & educate the public on Health & Wellness and start your own online based business.

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Hey Chika!


I help busy mamas live a healthier lifestyle. I provide support, encouragement, tips on health & wellness. I am team #momlife I also share my obsession for guilt free food, everyday lifestyle hacks, and yes I am a gadget freak! 

I’m also passionate about our environment and doing our part to restore our natural resources, use less toxic chemicals, eat more organic foods, support local farmers, and retailers who are making a change and a difference to aid our planet. 

Join me! Lets rebuild the motherland together. While becoming the best versions of ourselves. 

My mission is to make our lives and this world Healthier & Happier.

Change starts with you.

All my best, XoXo

Kirsi Gentile

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My goal is it to help you find your balance, so you can live a healthy lifestyle that you love.

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Book a discovery call with me to discuss your goals and lifestyle.

Get a personalized wellness evaluation with daily
calorie consumption, Meal Plan, Snack Ideas, Meal Schedule and workout schedule.

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